The way that cameras have changed over time is nothing short of stunning. We've seen an almost alarming jump in terms of technology just over the past ten years, much less the past fifty. Nowadays you can make an entire feature film with a camera you buy at the mall and people will watch it, no problems, as long as you know what you are doing. One of those camera companies that is going out of their way to show off their tech while pushing the industry is GoPro. GoPro has quickly turned into one of our favorite tech companies in the world of cameras and for good reason. Today we'll look at the GoPro HERO4.

GoPro has always been about pushing the limits on what their cameras can do and what they can handle int erms of being roughed up. With a strong push toward the drone industry GoPro is now engineering cameras that are built for usage up in the air and they need to be able to capture beautiful footage while surviving all of the elements. Enter the GoPro HERO4. The HERO4 is one of the hottest new cameras on the market from Gopro and it has been exceptionally used in conjunction with various quadcopters out on the market. Why should you look at a camera like this? Well, we'll tell you.

Before when you looked at cameras on drones you were hopeful to get usable footage, much elss anything of notable quality. The GoPro HERO4 outdoes most of the competition by providing you the ability to film up to 4k30 resolution. 4K30 is a huge filesize that will take in more detail than you'll be able to comprehend at first. You'll get gorgeous shots in exchange for a smaller storage capacity. You can also capture all the way down to regular 720P if that is your comfortable range.

When you are flying a drone and trying to capture solid footage you need to be able to communicate with your camera. The GoPro HERO4 is locked in with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities that allow you seamless communication so long as you are in range. Monitor what your HERO4 is seeing from the ground using an appropriate tablet or cellulat device. Use built in camera controls to adjust what you are seeing and focus entirely on capturing the footage of your dreams. When you are using this quality of camera you want to know that you are capturing something that is cinematic and worthy of your time and expenses.

At the end of the day what you need out of a camera is the ability to capture footage and tell a story. The gopro hero4 pushes the limits in several different ways as it tries to cater to drone enthusiasts and legitimate filmmakers. Filmmakers who know they'll need those cinematic, sweeping shots will need look no further than the HERO4 when they decide to jump into the world of drone filming. The HERO4 passes all tests with flying colors.